Not only is cosmetic bonding an inexpensive way to repair a tooth, but it’s highly durable and can be used in a wide variety of ways to fix just as wide a variety of issues. Our team, led by Dr. Michael Guadiz DDS, has an impressive record of using their combined years of training and experience to completely change the appearance of a broken or discolored tooth – giving our patient a whole new reason to smile.

Cosmetic bonding is quite simple. A resin is applied to the enamel of a tooth and an ultraviolet light is then used to cure the resin to its final hardened state. There’s no lengthy preparation involved, so there’ll be no drilling or filing to sit through, and most patients are finished after only one visit. The real art in cosmetic bonding is the eye of the dentist performing the procedure as it’s their eye that matches the color of the resin to the color of the teeth around it.

After the procedure is done, patients can go right back to their normal lives – including brushing, flossing, and eating their favorite foods. That’s a huge plus and it’s not the only one, either. Patients can also rely on their cosmetic bonding to last for years with good hygiene and thoughtful eating habits. That’s the kind of good news we love to give to our patients at Taylor Dental Clinic.

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Taylor Dental Clinic is here to guide you along the lifelong path of a perfect smile. All it takes is a consistent approach and the right professional backing you up. Dr. Guadiz and our incredible staff are ready to be that partner, so make the call to (312) 226-1537 or come in today and see us. Let’s get started on the journey to a healthier, happier you!