Ceramic veneers have become more and more popular as time has gone by and why not? They can do wonders for a person’s smile – not to mention the way they feel about themselves. These veneers are basically a thin ceramic shell applied to the outside of a damaged tooth. You can think of them in much the same way you do fake fingernails, but with a much more robust system used to attach them. Using veneers instead of crowns avoids the need for so much high-anxiety dentistry that many patients are afraid of. So, great results with far less drilling, pain, and discomfort. That’s a win for our patients in our opinion.

If we diagnose a patient with an issue that veneers will address, we never fail to offer it as an option for their smile. Once you agree, Dr. Guadiz will use his years of training and experience to gently prepare your teeth for the veneer application. At the same time, a specialist will be crafting your specially-designed veneers at our dental laboratory making sure to match our specifications exactly. When the veneers are applied, our patient walks out of the office with the smile of their dreams and begins a new life of confidence in their smile. It really can be a life-changing experience.

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