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To schedule an appointment with our dentist, or to find out more information, contact Taylor Dental Clinic at (312) 226-1537, send us a message or come by our office and see us today! 

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Here you’ll find the questions we get most often and the answers we provide should help you make the right choices about your visit, whether it’s your first or your next, and your overall oral health. After all, that’s the ultimate goal at Taylor Dental Clinic – a healthier, happier you!

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Got Questions? We Have Answers

Taylor Dental is located at 1145 W Taylor Street in the heart of University Village and Little Italy in Chicago, Illinois. We have metered street parking available right in front with free areas dispersed throughout the neighborhood. We always advise patients to find a spot out front if possible. No one likes a ticket.

This is a tricky one as we can’t say yes or no in any definitive way. While we’ll always see a walk-in if we have the availability, it’s best to call first and gauge wait times. In an emergency, we recommend calling right away for assistance.

No one has to do anything in life, thankfully, but if you want to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best, you really do have to let a professional see your teeth twice a year. That’s the only way to ensure nothing bad gets too far along before it’s discovered. Honestly, the recommendation is there for your health, not ours. So, please see a professional at Taylor Dental Clinic twice a year.

Yes. But, Taylor Dental Clinic advises all patients to have it done professionally. With so many products on the market, you’re inevitably going to be disappointed in OTC brands, so trust the pros at Taylor Dental Clinic and get results that you can be proud of – not to mention 100% safe to use! OTC products can harm your teeth in the wrong concentrations, so be careful, be smart, and see Dr. Guadiz.

First, it’s something we can do together. You’re not alone. Many people are afraid of doctors and dentists and, thankfully, we have techniques and tools that we use to make the entire process much less stressful and worrisome for patients just like you. Knowing you have a fear is the first step to combatting it and you can trust our team to always think of you and your comfort first, last, and at all points in between.

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