When you have teeth issues, you have less self-confidence and lower self-esteem. That’s a fact. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern dentistry has restorative treatments to address almost any issue you could be facing and with the gentle touch and experienced hands of Dr. Guadiz, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the best care and finest results. We work closely with you to find the perfect treatment plan that fits your timetable and your budget, but we can’t begin to change your life until you give us a call. So, don’t put it off another moment!

Dental Bridges

Taylor Dental Clinic wants to help people change the way they see themselves and their smile and our dental bridge service can do just that. This can prevent the aftereffects of tooth loss from endangering your smile even more. So, you’ll stop the other teeth from wandering out of position and altering your bite even more. This can lead to more and more problems for your mouth as the remaining teeth suffer, so make an appointment with the pros and stop the problems in their tracks – not to mention get the full smile you want back.


Taylor Dental Clinic can help you with an appliance, such as a mouth guard or NTI device, which keeps the teeth from coming in contact with one another – especially when asleep. These appliances not only stop the grinding and clenching, but can work wonders for the headaches and muscle stiffness this condition causes. If you’ve suffered through bruxism alone, there’s help for you at Taylor Dental Clinic. Call today to find out more and make an appointment to see Dr. Guadiz.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Though there is no known cure for this condition, our dentist has had success with a variety of treatments determined by the individual patient’s condition. Our talented team will listen to your symptoms and perform a thorough examination before suggesting what we feel is the best option available to you.

Cavities & Fillings

We know it’s almost impossible to eat healthy all the time, so we try to give our patients the kind of advice that we feel is actually possible to follow. That’s to eat what you like, but always in moderation. Drink a soda, but don’t drink five of them. Brush your teeth after eating and before bed. Floss before or after you brush and rinse it all away with a fortified mouthwash. That’s it. You handle that and twice a year Taylor Dental will handle all the rest. Doing things this way can pay huge dividends in smiles, money, and time. So what’re you waiting for? Call Taylor Dental Clinic immediately to get back on track to a perfect smile!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a wonder of modern dentistry combining expertise in both science and manufacturing with just the right amount of artistry thrown in for good measure. A crown is an incredibly useful, reliable way to strengthen and protect the structure of a tooth – be it cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged by decay. Taylor Dental Clinic may also recommend a crown for patients with large, old fillings that need to be reinforced. All of our crowns are made from porcelain and must be properly fit by our dentist to ensure it lasts its intended lifetime.

Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are always the last resort for us at Taylor Dental Clinic. That’s because they’re an invasive procedure that can and will lead to more issues for our patient down the road. We believe strongly that all patients over the age of 30 should have a complete set of preliminary x-rays to determine if there’s any cyst formation, decay, or abscess in the tooth or those surrounding it. At Taylor Dental Clinic, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort at all times. That’s just one of the things that separate us from other neighborhood dentists. Come in and learn more today!

Root Canal Therapy

Every tooth in your mouth has a pocket that contains the pulp. This pulp is a mass of blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves which keep the tooth alive and well during the course of your lifetime. If your tooth becomes decayed or damaged, the pulp may become infected and die. It’s this process of infection that causes the pressure to build and the pain to intensify. And, the pain can be tremendous. So, when we encounter this in a patient’s mouth there’s nothing to be done in many cases but recommend a root canal treatment. This procedure entails drilling into the tooth to extract the dead pulp and relieve the pressure. The tooth is then filled giving the patient a tooth with none of the problems it had before.

Additional Preventative Dentistry Services:

Additional Cosmetic Dentistry Services:

Taylor Dental Clinic is here to guide you along the lifelong path of a perfect smile. All it takes is a consistent approach and the right professional backing you up. Dr. Guadiz and our incredible staff are ready to be that partner, so make the call to (312) 226-1537 or come in today and see us. Let’s get started on the journey to a healthier, happier you!