Dental crowns are a wonder of modern dentistry combining expertise in both science and manufacturing with just the right amount of artistry thrown in for good measure. A crown is an incredibly useful, reliable way to strengthen and protect the structure of a tooth – be it cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged by decay. Taylor Dental Clinic may also recommend a crown for patients with large, old fillings that need to be reinforced. All of our crowns are made from porcelain and must be properly fit by our dentist to ensure it lasts its intended lifetime.

The artistry in a crown comes during the matching phase when our dentist will expertly match the color of the teeth to be sure your crown perfectly matches their shade exactly. This means that any patient considering teeth whitening should discuss this with the dentist before having a crown attached. It’s vital that bleaching products be used before any crown process begins as crowns will not be affected by the bleaching gel. That could lead to a crown that is mismatched against the other teeth, so be sure to talk to the dentist first. That way, we can schedule the procedures in the proper order – whitening and then a crown. Call Taylor Dental Clinic today to learn more about how a crown can change your smile forever!

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