Every tooth in your mouth has a pocket that contains the pulp. This pulp is a mass of blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves which keep the tooth alive and well during the course of your lifetime. If your tooth becomes decayed or damaged, the pulp may become infected and die. It’s this process of infection that causes the pressure to build and the pain to intensify. And, the pain can be tremendous. So, when we encounter this in a patient’s mouth there’s nothing to be done in many cases but recommend a root canal treatment. This procedure entails drilling into the tooth to extract the dead pulp and relieve the pressure. The tooth is then filled giving the patient a tooth with none of the problems it had before.

A root canal may be in your future if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Dull, throbbing or intense pain when biting down.
  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Severe decay or injury creating an abscess in the bone.

It’s important to note that the filling in your tooth is intended to last a lifetime, but that greatly depends on the way it’s treated over its lifespan. If not maintained, just as with your other teeth, the filling may need to be replaced over time. Never fear, though, as Taylor Dental Clinic will be there to ensure your filling is replaced and your anxiety level kept low. That’s what a great dental team does, and there’s little doubt that’s what we have, so come in and see us today. Or, call and make an appointment for a consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect path to a perfect smile!

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